Things to love about your life

  • You are alive.

  • You are healthy.

  • Someone smiled at you today.

  • Being unhappy is a waste of time.

  • You can afford three meals a day.

  • You have safe, pure, clean drinking water.

  • There’s something you can do better than anyone..

  • It’s fall and the leaves are about to turn glorious shades of warmth.

  • Music – dance, soul, rock, funk, reggae, disco, Indie, Bhangra, jazz, country, all sorts.

  • Dopplegangers – someone who looks exactly like you is living in a parallel reality

  • Someone broke your heart and left you shattered beyond repair.. or so it seemed.

  • Then you found the One and now thank your stars every day that he or she left.

  • When you really needed help, someone offered it to you unexpectedly..

  • Someone, somewhere did that too and not only survived but THRIVED. #JustSayin’.

  • There’s a solid roof over your head and it’s not raining on you.

  • You had fresh, clean, fabulous clothes to wear this morning.

  • Somewhere in the world, a new mom is gazing at her new baby.

  • The interwebs make your world smaller, closer, more connected.

  • You take a stand for what you believe in. Fiercely.

  • Afternoon naps that take you back to childhood.

  • Something you’ve been wanting just happened.

  • You smiled at someone and made their day.

  • Free video calling across the globe rocks.

  • You smell great and look amazing, mmm.

  • A little puppy was rescued just this second.

  • You said no and meant it this time.

  • You’re happily employed.

  • You work for yourself.

  • You don’t have either, but trust that the perfect solution is out there.

  • You made a brave decision.

  • You are an angel to someone.

  • Flowers are beautiful.

  • In the wild.

  • Or given to you by someone who cares.

  • Rainbows make you happy.

  • You love shooting stars.

  • You’re smiling right now 🙂 And you look damn attractive!

  • You define success on your own terms.

  • You’re stronger than you ever believed.

  • You believed in yourself when no one else did.

  • You believed in someone else when no one else did.

  • Someone believed in you when you needed it most.

  • You’ve profoundly impacted someone’s life


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